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The H3T’s frame and suspension system are based on a stretched version of the H3 SUV’s chassis and suspension – the same race-proven design found on Baja 1000-winning stock-class race trucks. The wheelbase measures 134.2 inches (3,409 mm) – 22 inches (86 mm) longer than the H3 SUV. A ladder-type frame is the truck’s foundation and it has a modular, three-piece design that incorporates fully boxed components for outstanding strength and stiffness. An independent SLA torsion bar front suspension and multileaf Hotchkiss-type rear suspension are used. There are two suspension packages available:
  • Z85 Heavy-Duty Handling and Trailering – This standard suspension delivers an excellent balance of on-highway comfort and off-road capability. It includes 32-inch all-terrain tires mounted on 16-inch, smoke-color steel wheels, specially tuned heavy-duty shocks and either a 4.56-ratio (3.7L) or 4.10-ratio (5.3L) rear axle.
  • Off-Road Adventure – Designed for more aggressive off-road performance, this optional suspension package includes taller, 33-inch tires, specifically tuned shocks, locking front and rear differentials, 4.03:1 low-range gearing in the transfer case and industry-leading crawl ratios of either 68.9 with the manual transmission or 56.2 with the automatic.
To support the torque output of the 5.3L V-8, the H3T Alpha’s front differential case is made of cast iron; other models feature an aluminum case. V-8-powered vehicles also receive higher torsion bar rates to support the increased mass and specific shock valving. The chassis and suspensions were validated in real-world testing on off-road trails in Moab, Utah; the Rubicon Trail in California, and other challenging off-road venues.

Off-road capability

The H3T lives up to HUMMER’s legendary off-road reputation, with best-in-class extreme off-road capability. Highlights include:

  • Ability to climb a 60-percent grade and traverse a 40-percent side slopeExceptional 10.2-inch (285 mm) ground clearance (with 33-inch tires)38.7-degree approach angle and 30.1-degree departure angle (with 33-inch tires)Segment-first available front- and rear-locking differentials
  • Standard HUMMER Hill Hold Assist for improved hill ascension
“For most lifestyles, there’s almost nothing the H3T can’t handle,” said Walsh. “It’s a truck with HUMMER’s immutable capability.”Complementing the features that enable the H3T’s impressive off-road prowess is a host of first-class protective elements, including four standard skid shields: a front shield, an oil-pan shield/front-axle shield, a transfer case shield and a fuel tank shield.

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