H2H - Hydrogen Powered HUMMER
Hydrogen Hummer
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HUMMER is like nothing else, and the H2H carries that tradition forward. Not only does the H2H carry HUMMER’s iconic design, it creates a bold and striking visual statement on the future of hydrogen.
HUMMER designers took the opportunity to make the H2H a unique expression of HUMMER’s trademark appearance. The H2H is based on an H2 SUT (Sport Utility Truck) body, with several enhancements. The SUT rear cargo bed is covered by a special composite tonneau, giving the truck a “slant back” appearance. The slant back shape is a new interpretation of a body style created for the military HUMVEE, the precursor and inspiration for HUMMER itself.
The H2H is immediately recognized by its Laser Blue exterior paint, a rich, deep color never before used on a HUMMER. A special graphic on each side of the body announces the truck’s hydrogen fuel application, along with HUMMER’s support for California’s Hydrogen Highway Network initiative. A special integrated roof rack and light bar sits atop the truck, with a unique chrome grille guard on the front.

On the inside, designers again took the opportunity to integrate some one-of-a-kind touches. These additions not only make the H2H more distinctive, they are also styling experiments allowing designers to test ideas that may influence future vehicles. These include special water-resistant seats made of a prototype nylon-based material. Rather than splattering and soaking, spilled water hits this material and immediately gathers into droplets perched on the surface of the seat that can be easily brushed aside.

H2H is equipped with a rear entertainment system, featuring DVD players with screens mounted into the headrests. The headliner of the H2H is made of Ultra-Suede, a material that is especially soft, luxurious and durable. The instrument panel features a carbon fiber-patterned appliqué evoking the material used for the H2H’s fuel tanks.
H2H: Overview | Design | Technology | Vision | Photos
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